Thursday, May 29, 2008

My field trip reflection

My field trip reflection
Central idea:Fragile environments need conservations in the present and future

In this uoi unit i learned many things. i learned how the environment is fragile and what is a fragile environment.i learned too that we must take care of the environment from disasters like pollution.

I was very happy on this unit because i learned a lot of things that i didnt know yet and i went to a very fun field trip. to a waterfall

My fragile environment Report

The Ocean is covering 71% of the earth surface.the ocean is a fragile environment because, if a rubbush is thrown at the ocean it will cause damege to the animals inside it and the water will not be clean.

The Ocean is 9.800 ft= 3.000 meters.Waste disposal like tissue can make the water pollute. The reef can be damage too. Because some can harvest coral for sale to tourists.

Some rivers connect to the sea. so the sea can be dirty because of dirty rivers.The water of the ocean is very fragile because the water if its dirty the animals and plants of the ocean can die.

Now the ocean is filling up because the pollution the earth having now. So we must fight against pollution to stop melting ice on the arctic or the antartica. So if this keeps going on the world, then the world will be flooded by water. the water of the ocean can change colour by the colour of the sky. if the sky is blue the sea is blue, if the sky is orange the sea will be .

The ocean is a very large scale. it almost rule earth by its amount.Each year 1.9 million people goes to scuba diving.And shipwrecks there are 6000 shipwrecks in the seas.The ocean is salty because is has salt in it.And the sea has salt because some rivers has some rocks in the rivers.the Ocean can be destroyed by mankinds actions. the Ocean must not be destroyed because the ocean is very very good for the environment that the earth has.




Saturday, May 24, 2008

Insect fragile environment Report

There are insects in Indonesia. The most common insects in Indonesia is the mosquito and the butterfly. Insects can camouflage in branches and trees and anything that matches with their skin.

Some insects are very dangerous like mosquitoes and beetles. Mosquitoes are very dangerous because they suck your blood and you can die because of that. And beetles have heavy armoured body and a horn. And they have wings to get them in the air. The insects are a fragile environment because when you step or kill an insect it will die immediately.

In a year, insects have new kinds. 7000 to 10 000 kinds. Insects sometimes live in rainforest and jungles. An ants real name is Camponotus Pennsylvanicus.

A queen termite can born 30 000 babies a day. Termites are like ants. There are 4 different kinds of insects. There are the Queen, King, Soldier and Worker.

Insects eats more plants than any other animal in the Earth. And all insects must have an antannae to sense the world around them and six jointed legs. Three body parts a head, thorax, and an abdomen and an exoskeleton. The Queen doesn't do anything else except laying eggs! The Queen is large that the workers need to move the Queen.

Workers of the colony stay deep within the colony.

Insects habitat are like rainforests bushes and the ocean.
In the ocean not many insects are found. Insects belong to a group called Arthropods. Spiders and centipedes they are Arthropods but these two animals are not insects because insects only have 6 legs.
Insects doesn't have bones. They only have exoskeleton. Ant have 3 body parts Head, thorax and abdomen. Ants have antenae to detect smell, vibrations or sounds. And to find each other.

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