Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What material must you have?

A hammer

A saw

an electric handrill

an adjustable spanner

A measuring tape/ruler, and a metal hecksaw

2 inch round nails 5 inch round nails planks 3x4 timbur/ lumbur

4 spooked wheels

The wheels no need to be 4 spooked wheels. it can be a bycycle wheel.
After you got All the things you start your making of go must need a mentor to help you where you hammer the nails. you need wood for making the go kart.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


title: I believe, you believe

central idea: the beliefs and cultures are conveyed through rituals, celebration, the arts and the way people live their lives.

Reflection: What i know from my beliefs is i must be a thinker because i must remember when i was little and my beliefs too.

what i learned from beatrix potter is she is a good drawer and i learned that she believed her drawing can move and can talk to her. i think i can be a Risk-taker, because i learned new things

I learned that a haiku must have 17 syllables. i wrote about "gods love". i think im a thinker because i think how much powerful gods love is.

on our religion project i learned about Shinto. i learned how to post writings to a blog. I wrote that where does shinto came from and some symbols. I was principled because i try to do the right thing and giving the right information.

on the Expo i learned many shinto symbols. And where Shinto came from. On the Expo day many people came to the classroom to see our Religion Expo. I was a communicator because i talk to many people and answer their question if they want to ask something.

on field trips i went to a catholic church and Masjid Istiqal. I learned what catholic enemy is. I like when going on field trips. I was happy on that Day. I was an Inquirer because i like to ask questions to the tour guide.