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Shinto came from Japan

Symbol of shinto

It is the symbol of Shinto. This name is Tori. The meaning of this symbol is shine of God.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


What is Shinto? Maybe it was one of the questions that ever come to your head. Maybe some of you ever hear about it, may be some never heard about it before. This time I want to explain you about Shinto so you will know more.

Shinto is one of the dominant religions in Japan. Shinto can be said as an original religion from Japan. Shinto was generally translated as “The Way of the Gods”. In daily activities, Shinto is a mixture of religious, beliefs and practices.

The Shinto was first mentioned in 720 in the Nihon shoki, Japan’s earliest historical history. It is different from other religions in this world. Shinto does not have organized body of teachings. No one knows who the historical founder is, and there is no moral code. It focuses on worship of nature, ancestors, and kami. Kami is sacred spirits or gods that represent aspects of the natural world. From 1868 to 1945, under the Japanese imperial government, Shinto was Japan’s state religion but after World War II, the government separated Shinto from state support.

According to Shintoism, the Emperor was a living god that comes directly from Amaterasu Omikami, the Sun Goddess. Amaterasu Omikami is trusted as a founder of the Japanese nation. The word kamikaze comes from the words for 'divine wind', which the kami, or spiritual forces, were expected to send to keep Japan safe from foreign people.

The name Shinto was created for the local religion in Japan. Its aim is to make it different from Buddhism and Confucianism that had been introduced from China, in the late 6th century AD. Sometimes Shinto becomes the overshadowed by Buddhism and the native gods were considered as expression of Buddha in a previous time of existence.

There are "Four Main Things" in Shinto: Tradition and the family, Love of nature, Physical cleanliness, and Matsuri.

Tradition and the family: The family is as the main instrument with traditions is in it. Their main celebrations are birth and marriage.
Love of nature: Nature is blessed; nature is to be close to the Gods.
Physical cleanliness: Followers of Shinto take baths, wash their hands, and rinse out their mouth often.
"Matsuri": Kami should be worshipped and given honor.

As a conclusion, Shinto is a main religion of Japan. The followers are trusted in kami and Matsuri.


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Beatrix Potter

Are your drawing impresive as Beatrix Potter?
did you know that she belived that she can talk to her drawing?
Beatrix Potter was the first female to write a book. she believed that she can talk to the animals she draw. She was a very good drawer. she likes to draw Animals. she was very good at drawing animals especialy Rabbits.

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picture of shinto

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What is God?

God is what we praise in. God is now in heaven he is looking down to us. God is able to help me because he gave us his words to my brain and and i write it. i believe in God because he is my Saviour. God protects us and he made all of us. He give us food and he creates all of this world. i believe God is my Everything. He is my king and all of us. God loves all of us.

My believs

When i was little i believed that if i don't finish my food the food will cry. When i was little i believed that cockroaches are a dirty and scary and its like always under my bed. i believed that cockroaches always follow me.i also believed that my dog can speak.

My UOI Reflection

Central Idea: The human body is designed for movement in work and play and can be affected by a variety of things.

Caring: i tried to help Amanda with the dissection of the chicken wing to cut off the skin.

Open-Minded: i know that my BMI is different from the others.

Drawing of my body: i choose this activity because i was being principled because i needed to draw the right of the photograph. Caring: i choose caring because i cared for other peoples drawing and their photographs.

The Dissection of the chicken Wing: i choose this because i think im being Risk-Taker because i tried a new thing putting of a raw chicken wing skin.Caring: I try to help my partner put of the skin and tried not the muscles or nerves.

Group presentation: i choose this because i think that i was a communicator. i was being a communicator because i listened to what my friends said.Caring: i help with the nerve lines.

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my food Haiku

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My pet

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My Haiku